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Julie is mainly known for her vocals in the most recent Formula One video games. Julie is also known for her vocals appearing in the newest Jeepers Creepers horror film and in a new action thriller called 97 Minutes starring Alec Baldwin. 


Julie also provided vocals for several trailer companies. Companies include, End of Silence, Complexities of Sound, Colossal Trailer Music, Warner Chappell Music Publishing, Revolt Trailer Music, Epic Score and more. She has provided vocals for many projects over the years and has work with several well-known composers, including award winning composer, Ian Livingstone, Paulo J. Mendes, Andrew Haym, Andreas Kubler, Mitchell Broom and more. 

Julie started singing Disney songs on her swing set at the age of four. At that point, her parents knew she had talent. When Julie moved from a small town by the water to another small town near the countryside, she auditioned for the Children's Chorus and was accepted on the spot. She sang with the chorus for two years performing in many places around her home town. She then sang "Man I Feel Like a Woman" with the lead vocalist of her Father’s band at the age of Nine. She learned a lot from her Father who was a musician himself. At the age of 11, she started voice lessons at the Conservatory of Music in her home town, where she studied several genres throughout the years. She has been in many recitals held by the Conservatory around her home town and has participated in Musical Theater and Choir throughout her academic years. Julie had the privilege of singing the National Anthem for the her County Sheriff's Office Graduation in 2009, and at her High School Graduation in 2011. She also had the privilege of singing Ave Maria at her Family's Reunion in Camerino, Italy. Julie was also apart of an Entertainment company called The Magic Continues for about two years where she portrayed multiple Princesses for parties and events.

Check out the credits section to see more work. 

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