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"Julie has a fantastic voice (really beautiful tone). She was easy to work with and was very accommodating when we needed some last minute changes."

-Issac Edwards, Pro Alto and Saxophone player





"Julie is a highly talented and experienced vocalist to work with! Her voice easily compliments my work, and her improvisation skills blew me away. If you want a voice that provides the expression, dynamic range and boost you need for your music, she's the one you need!"

-Craig Meier, Composer 


" Julie is an amazingly talented singer and kind-hearted being. When you see her name on a track you already know it will be outstanding. It is always a real pleasure for me to promote her on Epic Music World. Furthermore, it was really a big honor to work with her on the track "Light Up The Sky" for End Of Silence. I can’t wait to see her performance on future projects around the world and hopefully with EOS too. "


- Kai CEO Epic Music World 

"I worked with Julie Seechuk on music for the Arabian Nights ballet. She was very profession and a pleasure to work with. Julie has a wonderful voice, excellent singing range and superb articulation. I am looking forward to working with Julie again soon on a second piece for the ballet. "

-Bruce Klepper Composer for the Danse Etoile Ballet

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